Welcome to Green View Farm Resort

The Green View Farm Resort Broga Semenyih was opened in 2009 with a service motto to spread consciousness about Nature and its resources especially to school children. Nestled in flora splendor and soaked in a peaceful atmosphere, this farm is an oasis of tranquility for leisure holidaymakers and budget conscious travelers. The name Green view reflects the "Greenish" atmosphere of the 10 acre Farm Resort.

Conveniently located just one hour drive from Kuala Lumpur and a few minutes drive from Semenyih town provides an easy access to feel the fresh air and the feeling of closeness with Mother Nature. Beginning from coconut plantation, then Jack fruit trees, also palm with jasmine flowers in between, Green view farm has evolved into a site of multiple activities which has made it a place of interest to visitors of all ages, backgrounds and needs.

Today at Green View, whilst we still have the fruit trees and other plantations, we also have a collection of farm animals, which include several Goats, Cows, Ducks and Rabbits in their natural habitat.